Islamic Culture and Philosophy

Here islam, islamic culture, muslim culture,islamic philosophy, muslim philosophy,Islamic activities that should follow accoding to the constitution, the holy Quran sent by Allah and Hadith of Mohammad Sm(Peace be upon him), the prophet will be discussed.

Dr. Zakir Nayak’s Video Lecture

Dr. Zakir NayakDr. Zakir Nayak

Dr. Zakir Nayak is one of the most influencial islamic personality  now a days for his clear conception and reference on the basis of Quraan, Sunnah and other religion on religious topics. He is trying heart and soul with his earned knowledge, conception,patience and perseverence to remove misconception about islamic philosophy, islamic culture and islam.For understanding islamic philosophy please click  Dr. Zakir Nayak’s Lecture on various topics to download.

To know About the concept of God(Allah) please visit the link

To know the common questions that are asked by the non-muslim for their knowledge Please visit Frequently Asked Questions About Islam


One response to “Dr. Zakir Nayak’s Video Lecture

  1. ehteshamulhaque March 17, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Assaloalaikum,Dr.Zakir Nayak’s lectures are heart touching.He is a gíft of Allah for all human kind.May he have a long life!I want to follow him and show my kids that he is an ideal man.Please pray for us.

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